Saturday, 2 August 2014

Emmaus Village visit

Yesterday was the girls last day with us this week, so at their request we visited the charity village of Emmaus.
Abigail headed straight for the shoes! Eleanor headed for something / anything noisy!!
Chris headed for the electrical department. I tagged along looking at anything.

This is the result of our spending spree:
Chris bought a garden tree / waste shredder that caused a real problem getting it into the boot of the car.
Abigail bought a nice pair of purple shoes, lip balm container and a couple of gold hair bands.
Eleanor bought a lip balm container to attach to her purse.
Between them they bought a keyboard [ they already have one they they like to set up in the summer house and make too much noisy with!!]
I bought a Jeff Banks shirt, 4 necklaces, 6 china cups and saucers [ I want to make into pin cushions!]
Other than the garden shredder we spent £13 between us.

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