Tuesday, 16 June 2015

843824 stitches

I cannot believe how long it has taken me to machine embroider Nature Sketches by Anita Goodesign. My Brother 4000D machine has been going almost non stop for days.

There are 20 blocks and I rewound the bobbin 37 times !! For the fun of it I made a note of the number of stitches... yes... 843824. I also used two complete reels of Marathon thread for the dark grey flowers in every block. Goodness knows how many different colours of thread I used for the butterflies and birds, but I could do with an assistant [or fairy godmother] to come and put them all back in their correct boxes!

Having said all this I am really pleased with the blocks and hope to incorporate them into a single bed size quilt. My thoughts are to make a load more blocks with different coloured borders [ same Dimple fabric as the grey] and put simple machine embroidery quilt designs on them.
Machine embroidered birds and butterflies
This block is the same size as the small blocks above.
I have lots of colours of this Dimples fabric
Thinking of making enough blocks like this to complete the quilt
Unless I can think of something else.
Any ideas?

Bobbin wound 37 times! Two reels of Marathon thread used and an empty spool of bobbin thread used.

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Christa said...

Machine embroidery doesn't usually speak to me but the black and white with the colored birds and butterflies are great. Your quilt will be stunning!

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