Thursday, 11 June 2015

Lily Pond update

The week has gone by in a blur of noise!  I have been using my embroidery machine from 7am to about 4pm every day for the past three days.  More photos later.
Luckily the project I am working on has a sewing period long enough for me to do something else. To add to the noise of the machine I made a couple of loaves of bread in my bread machine, which is also noisy. Also made a ginger and banana cake in my Kenwood, yet another noise!
Thank goodness today I am going to a sit and sew where the only noise will be human voices.

My evenings have been taken up with working on my Lily Pond CAL [crochet along] and I managed to complete pattern #4 and made a good start on #5, the flowers. I love working on this project and learning lots of new techniques. There are only three more patterns to collect, so I will be on the look out for another CAL, or I may start the Sophies Universe CAL.

If you know of a crochet CAL please leave me a message about it.
Lots of ends to sew in!

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