Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Memories of my aunt

 Edna W Harris 21 Oct 1924 to 30 Jul 2015.

Sadly today my Aunt died. She was my fathers youngest sister, and I have such wonderful memories of her and her husband Uncle Jimmy.
Part of Christmas was always spent in their large dining room, sometimes twenty plus around the table. November the fifth, bonfire night, was always a big celebration where family and friends stood around a large bonfire in their garden. We all took fireworks to make a wonderful display and Aunty made her famous bonfire toffee. Every Christmas she would make me a jar of lemon curd, and loved to collect the little things I used to hand make for her.
She is the last of that generation of my family. I am glad she managed to reach her 90th birthday and we all gathered to see her. May she rest in peace.
Aunty Edna, photo taken my my dad.

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Mad about Craft said...

So sorry for your loss!

Your story reminded me that my Mother-in-law used to make lovely lemon curd,

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