Monday, 22 June 2015

The Potters Wheel

Today we had a trip to Gt Yarmouth Pottery. I had prebooked a morning of "having a go" plus touring the museum. It is an amazing place set in the town wall. Originally the Old Herring Smokehouse built using the timbers of wrecked ships. We were greeted with some of the history, before making our way to become master potters. Ernie the potter was a delight while he told us stories and explained what to do.

After the pots were made, we had a drink and then took a tour of the building. If you ever get a chance to have this experience I fully recommend it. BUT be quick they are retiring at the end of the year and it will never be the same.

A careful drive back to the chalet to let my pot and Chris's jug dry out. Brilliant day.


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