Thursday, 25 June 2015

Green Lane and Byways day

Leaving the chalet we drove to Holt, about an hour away, to venture into the wilds of Norfilk.

Chris decided to travel the "fords" route we had tried a few months ago. The lanes crisis cross a number of streams and waterways, some are suitable for an ordinary car but most are too deep unless you are in a 4x4, some are just plain crazy! It's the plain crazy ones we like the most.

Many of the lanes were very overgrown with tree branches scratching the sides and roof of the car, more battle scars to add to the collection.

The weather was rather grey but other than a few spots of rain it was most dry. Hares were scampering across our tracks, always a fun thing to see. Everywhere we drove there were banks of Oxide Daisies and beautiful red poppies.


A few hold ups as we travel these narrow lanes, firstly a bad accident caused us to a long diversion route and then tree cutting blocked our way, but it was fun watching the guy in the cherry picker cutting off branches and shredding them.

A quick stop at Walsingham to use the facilities and listen to the beautiful music coming from the Sanctuary. It is such a peaceful place full of atmosphere. A group of about 20 students were doing the Stations of the Cross.

Approaching the scariest water crossing, quite wide and next to a working mill stream gushing in from the left hand side (my side as a passenger!)


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Christa said...

OMG, Diana, I don't know whether I would like to be in the car driving some of those fords. I think I just enjoy reading about it in your blogs!

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