Monday, 15 June 2015

Land Rover days

Friday we took off for Aldershot to spend the night in a Travel Lodge. The hotel was next door to a Morrisons Grocery store, who serve the best fish and chips in their cafe, so we ate in style.

Saturday up bright and early for a breakfast again in Morrisons before heading further south to Dunsfold.

In 1968 Brian Bashall, a Land Rover enthusiast started the collection with a 1962 ex military vehicle. This later became a trust called the Dunsfold Collection of Land Rovers and to date owns 123 vehicles.

Once every two years the collection is open to the public and many private owners also bring their old and interesting Land Rovers. In fact this year was noted as being the largest collection of Land Rovers ever!

I managed to walk around some of the exhibits but then took a seat back in the car with my crochet, while watching all the strange vehicles arrive. It was a great day.
Here a few photos of my favourites..
Row upon row of Land Rovers

Patchwork idea?

Love the paint job

Chris next to the LR strong enough to hold an elephant!

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