Monday, 29 June 2015

A bit of catching up

Where have the last few days gone? I'm sure the days were longer when I was younger.
Since my last post we spent the last day of our holiday at Wroxham Barns and Potter Heigham, both great places, although the store in Potter Heigham is now so large it was a job to walk around and see everything.  There is a nice sewing shop in Wroxham Barns and I managed to buy a set of bag handles, well actually I bought three sets, they were so nice!

Friday we returned home to enough laundry to open a Launderette... having to take our own towels and bedding, although not a problem, did mean there was a lot of washing.

Saturday we were out for the day at Gaydon Car Museum to attend a Land Rover Defender day. When we arrived we were asked if we would like to park in the main arena as they wanted as many LR Defenders in there as possible. This was a great advantage as it is quite a walk for me from the car park. After a stroll around the museum I went back to the car and worked on my crochet while Chris oohed and aahed over the displays. It was a lovely warm day and the 99 ice cream he brought me went down a treat.
Shaun the Sheep Land Rover

I want one! A two seater red monster

Cars from the movies

Lady Penelope's pink Thunder Birds car.

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