Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Almost there. Lily Pond CAL

Watching the tennis at Wimbledon has meant I have done a lot of crochet lately. There is nothing better than to find a good match to watch, often not the favourite, and sit there with  nice glass of apple water and my crochet hook.
Yesterday I managed to complete my Lily Pond blanket all except for the final border, so I decided to "block it". This is all new to me but I managed to pin the wrinkled mess to a selection of childrens foam boards [ that's another story!] and spray it with cold water. I was of the opinion that if the wrinkled mess did not sort it self out or I had done something wrong it was going in the bin.
***Alleluia***  removed the pins this morning and it has all gone flat and I am in love with it again, cannot wait for the border instructions to come out next week.
So wrinkled I cannot believe it will ever go flat!

Yippee, lovely and flat and I love it again

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