Monday, 20 July 2015

Rob and Beryl Coy Party

A surprise afternoon tea party was arranged for friends Rob and Beryl by their daughters, Louise and Helen, and Rob's sister, Ann. We arrived at 2pm as requested and the hall was wonderfully decked out with balloons, flowers and bunting. A short time later Rob and Beryl arrived, they had been blind-folded from their home ! to loud cheers of "surprise" they entered the hall, it was a wonderful moment to see the look in their eyes at friends and family from far and wide had arrived to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.

There was enough food, which was mostly home cooked, to feed an army. I think they will be eating left over sandwiches and cake for a month!
Flowers for Ann for helping with the preparations

Helen and Louise giving a talk about family life
Listening to their daughters give an amusing talk,
they look a bit worried about what might be said !!!

Rob replying to the talk while their daughters and granddaughter look on.

The happy couple

Louise, Beryl, Rob and Helen

The tea party

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