Monday, 20 July 2015

Honey and bordering a quilt

I have been suffering terribly with Hayfever and someone suggested Honey might help the situation, but it has to be local honey. I made a search on the internet and found there is no proof it works but everyone seems to swear by it! Eventually I found a farm shop selling local honey, so I'm taking a teaspoon full a day and we will see if it helps. In any case it tastes really nice, much better than the cheap honey I put in my Barley cup drink.

I have managed to sew the Nature Sketches machine embroidery blocks by Anitagoodesign together with white sashing, anything else seemed to take away from the pretty designs.
Now I need to add borders. When I sewed out the designs I used Dimples fabric by Andover Designs in grey, I have the same fabric in many colours and think I will use them to add a few borders to make the quilt big enough for a single bed.

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