Wednesday, 8 July 2015

How to turn £5 into £60

When the time came to block the Lily pond blanket I realised I did not have enough foam boards. The pack I had, I bought in B & M Store for £4.99 so off I went to buy another pack thinking £4.99 would not break the bank. Chris came with me.
We both searched the store and asked the staff, no more foam boards, I guess the crochet crowd had been and cleared the stock! We picked up a couple of odds and ends and then I saw they had a Swan Steam Generator Iron reduced from £222 to £59.99 so somehow it came home with me.
I had wanted a new iron for quite a while as my old one would sometimes spit out brown water even though it had a new filter. I am not silly that I think the irons would be £222 anywhere so checked on Amazon and the same iron is £79 so I still got a good deal.
This did not solve the foam board problem so a quick nip into Tesco and I bought a pack of foam noughts and crosses game and they did the trick, plus the granddaughters can play with them.
I just love a new box of goodies

Ready to go

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