Thursday, 30 July 2015

The parcel

Yesterday I had to visit the Specialist for a follow up appointment on my poor old knees. The outcome being, unless I want the other knee replaced, which he does not recommend and I certainly do not want, I am stuck with what I have. Having been walking with a stick and rubbing in Arnica oil for the past six weeks things are a little better.
Feeling a bit low that nothing can be done it was a wonderful surprise when I got home to a large box from the WoolWarehouse. The wool was beautifully wrapped and although I had not paid for next day delivery it had arrived the next day, what service.

I am trying to decide what to take to Spain with me. I always like to take a project for our four week holiday in September. I had decided to make the CAL [ Crochet Along] pictured below. It is an interesting project as the centre block can be a personal choice [ there are lots on Ravelry for free]. Each week starting August 8th the patterns for the borders will be published.

Having ordered the wool for the Keitopalette CAL, Jane Crowfoot produced a new project that I love and would actually be a more sensible [ less wool to carry] project to take. Decisions decisions!

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