Friday, 3 July 2015

July IAM meeting

Another great day with a full compliment of IAM ladies.
Crochet is certainly very popular among the group, we all blame Shirley for showing us how to crochet and the money we are spending on wool!
It was nice to see Clare working on her lace pillow, making a bookmark for her husband.
Maureen was working on "old faithful" Lowry tapestry, looks like it may be completed soon.
Others were knitting, crocheting and quilting. Plus there was lots of chat and laughs with of course the regular "medical up dates on everyone"!
Here are a few photos of the show and tell.
Shirley with yet another crochet blanket

Penny with her machine embroidery and patchwork quilt for Linus 

Penny's crochet blanket

Maureen''s book cushion, with pocket for book etc on the back
together with the rear end of the elephant!

Clare's machine embroidered table runner

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