Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Edna Wynefred Harris [nee Simons]

Yesterday was the day we celebrated the life of my Aunty Edna, my father's youngest sister.
Her funeral took place in Kettering at the Parish Church where she had been a loyal worshipper for most of her life. The church was full of friends and family.
Everyone had a story to tell, my favourite memories were the jar of lemon curd she made me every Christmas. Family get togethers around the large table in the basement of her house were always full of fun and laughter. She loved receiving little things I made her and had a cabinet full of special things, including bobbin lace, embroidery, and other craft work I had made her.
There are six cousins from her side of the family and happily we were all able to attend.
In age order we lined up for a rare photo together.
Rosalind (74), me(70), Andrew(70), Deborah(67), Stephen(64) and John(59)
My sister Debbie, with cousin's Rosalind and Andy at the wake. 

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Mad about Craft said...

It's strange how funerals are happy and sad occasions at the same time. It's sad to mark the passing of a family member but it's lovely to see other family you don't see often.

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