Friday, 20 November 2015

20th November 1944

Yes... Another birthday rolls along! I am amazed at all the cards I have received, thank you friends.

Chris worked hard making me a Sophie's Universe crochet file, it is so heavy I can hardly lift it! Plus he gave me all the wool to make it. I am so looking forward to working on this crochet, hope it's not beyond me.

Wool and pattern for the crochet project Sophie's Universe
Yesterday was spent with friends at BSK Bedford where I machine embroidered Christmas designs onto a plain white T shirt. I have been looking in the shops for something Christmassy to wear for the holidays and other than jumpers, which I never wear, I could not find a thing. The answer was to make myself an embroidered T shirt which I love.

T shirt for Christmas, plus the start of the applique alphabet
With Christmas coming fast I love working on festive items, and gingerbread men that hold cutlery were just the job. I sewed out the small one by mistake, but he will hold a little candy cane if I remember to buy some.
Gingerbread man cutlery holder plus son of gingerbread man holding a crochet hook. 

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