Monday, 9 November 2015

November IAM meeting

What better place to be on a very wet day than together with my friends for a craft meeting.
The usual highs and lows of our lives were shared, plus much laughter. Two roulades provided by Penny took care of the sugar boost to help us through the afternoon.
Show and tell was well supported...
Ann had been busy making her Christmas cards, we had wondered what was going to appear from the brown box!

Wow! Shirley had completed a Janie Crow crocheted blanket in the time it takes most of us to open a ball of wool. 

Ann found a  new use for a paper back book, turn it into a hedgehog

Penny's pretty furry sheep quilt, complete with black sheep!

A beautiful blanket of yellow and white crocheted daises by Penny

Clare had been really busy with the black bias tape [ I think she said 11 rolls!]
I would love this if she cannot find a home for it.

Jenny has been in knitting mode and we loved this racoon.

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