Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Monday with the girls

Monday the girls had an extra day off school, teacher training or some excuse!

It was nice to have them here and we were busy in the Happy Room most of the day, although we started in the kitchen cutting up oranges and satsumas and put them in the oven to dry out. The girls rotated them every hour to make sure they dried evenly and did not stick to the wire frames. The house smelled lovely all day!  I intend to make them into a Christmas decoration.

Next they were busy cutting out banner shapes from a Christmas panel I bought at Coleman's. I need to back each piece and add a ribbon to be able to use them over the holidays.  [Just another job to add to the ever growing list!]

Arranging the banner after cutting the pieces out of a panel.
I have strict instructions to keep them in this order when I back them and attach them to ribbon!

A number of us at church are making flower or ornaments for the McMillan nurses to give to cancer patients that have lost their hair and are given hats. The flowers will add a bit of colour during the dark winter months.  Both girls were happy to help with this worthwhile cause and managed to make six felt flowers with buttons and safety pin backs. Well done girls.

Flower brooches made by the girls.

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