Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Safety Pin day

Decided today was the day and I needed to get my latest quilt top backed and wadded and safety pinned. Starting the day sewing strips of fabric together for the backing, I am trying to use what I have [ which is a lot!] rather than buy new. Using my two banqueting tables I laid out the backing, after ironing it, then the wadding and finally the quilt top. Back breaking work trying to get everything straight and no creases.
A quick cup of hot chocolate to keep me going it was then time to start putting in the safety pins.
I like to use the small bent pins and although I have a gadget, Kwik Klip, to help with the closing of the pins it is very hard on the fingers pushing through all the layers of fabric.
Over 400 hundred safety pins later my fingers need a rest, and I may put off the actual quilting until tomorrow. In any case I have not decided how to quilt it yet.
Over 400 safety pins!

close up on one of the blocks.

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