Thursday, 12 November 2015

Christmas is coming

My first Christmas card arrived a couple of days ago! complete with a lovely FSL [ free standing lace] Christmas stocking to hang on my tree.
The gift was from Donna in Michigan USA part of a swap I took part in. I love it and red is my favourite colour.

Monday I had my weekly weighing session and Weight Watchers on line continues to work for me and I have lost 5% of my body. I cannot believe I have been able to stick to this plan, but feel very motivated. We are going on holiday for five days in a couple of weeks, where all the food is provided, this will be a big test of my resolve.

Spent the day yesterday working on my quilt, until my hands hurt and my back was saying STOP!
Hope to get a little more done today before going out for a pre-birthday lunch with hubby.

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