Saturday, 28 November 2015

Weymouth Regent Hotel

Monday saw us packing our bags for a five day Turkey and Tinsel break in Weymouth.
A special offer with the company Daish was too good to miss and with good friends Dorn and Bill we booked five days at the Regent Hotel.
The meals were excellent and Katie our server went out of her way to make us feel special.
Monday when we arrived was Christmas Eve,
Tuesday Christmas Day where we were served meals with all the trimmings and even Santa paid us a visit. Wednesday was Boxing Day.
Thursday was New Years Eve and Auld Lang Syne was sung at 11pm !
Evenings were spent playing cards in the lounge with Dorn and Bill. Afternoons saw us meet up to work on our crochet, while the men read or played on their ipads.
Chris with Santa in the lobby.

During the day we did our own thing, and Chris and I went to the pictures twice. First to see James Bond which we really enjoyed although did not think it as good as Skyfall.

Our next outing to the cinema was to see Maggie Smith in the Lady in the Van, another great film we had heard a lot about.

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Sue Wild said...

Pleased you enjoyed your visit to Dorset. This time of year there are a lot of Tinsel and Turkey tours - getting in practice for the Christmas holiday ahead!

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