Thursday, 19 January 2017

Arboleas and the Heathland blanket

The continuing saga of the Heathland blanket from Attic24.
On a previous post I voiced my thoughts about the fact I was told I would only need the five green wools for our six week holiday, they lasted a day and I could go no further with the pattern.
Eventually Elaine's Wools came to rescue, she had nine of the ten colours I had left at home, but she was 100 miles away from where we staying.
Three cheers for a great husband who did not blink an eye when I said I wanted to go there.
Aguilas, see previous post, was on the way so made for a nice break in the journey.

Elaine was in England when I emailed but sent me instructions to find her shop for when she was back.  Off the motorway, a few more directions then down a road until you see mail boxes and bins, next is a long white wall with a daisy on it. Hola you have arrived.
But where is the shop, we are in a residential area, after looking around I ring the door bell by the big iron gate and hope the owner speaks English, out comes a smiling person saying my name, I have found Elaine.
The shop is a large wooden shed in the garden (Chris commenting "its bigger than mine!") with the walls lined with hanks of wool. She has my order ready and I decide to buy the Stylecraft  multi coloured wool that has some of the missing ball colour in it, hoping I can use it.
It was a great visit with lovely samples of her work and lots of interesting items for sale.

Meeting Elaine

Shelves packed with wool

The gate to the house

Not only bought the wool I wanted but a few extras sneaked into the shopping
Cream wool to crochet sheep, blue and white sock wool
a couple of shawl pins
The substitute for the missing Plum colour.
Every time I 'hit green or white I wind it off and only use the
purple shades... it is the best I can do this far from home.


Judypam said...

Pleased it was a successful mission - I think the multi coloured yarn will look great!

Ellen said...

Just love the look of that wool barn

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