Thursday, 26 January 2017

Time for some sunshine

I thought it was time for some sunshine so changed the picture on my heading.
It was a lovely sunny day yesterday so we set off for Las Salinas de Torrevieja just a few miles along the coast. Torrevieja is a large town/city and we struggled to find the area we were looking for, but once we did it was well worth it.
A tall wall with a walk way on the top surrounds the harbour and for 2 euros you can park all day. Only slight drawback were the steps to reach it, lots of steps made of planks of wood, not my thing at all but I managed to make it to the top. The views were wonderful out to sea, the town and the harbour. In fact I managed to walk over 1500 steps according to my FitBit which considering my poor old knees was quite an achievement !
The view from the car parking area.

High on the walk way, lovely blue sky

View of Torrevieja

Sculpture by Carmen Fraile Escultora called
La Bella Lola represents a woman waiting for her lover.

The view of the harbour behind La Bella Lola

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