Thursday, 5 January 2017

January 4th and 5th

Our final day on the road, was quite a journey. 500 miles to be exact from Pau France to Villa Martin Spain. We left the Hotel at 8am to arrive at the base of the Pyrenees when day light appeared at 8.30. No point in missing the wonderful scenery by travelling too early.
At the base of the mountains the temperature was a freezing -5C with many of the waterfalls a mass of frozen ice. The road on the French side was pretty clear of traffic but as we reached the Col du Potalet the traffic approaching from the Spanish side was nose to tail, mostly with ski racks on their roofs.

As we continued our journey we hit dense thick fog / smog near Valencia, then the temperature started to rise and topped at +22C with lovely hot sunshine.

1335 miles on the road from home but at least the fuel is cheaper in Spain, we paid E1.28 litre.

After collecting our keys and unpacking the car we went out for fish and chips with our friends Pauline, Brian and Shaun for a very pleasant evening.

5th means sorting out our belongings, shopping for food and generally relaxing. Even sat in the sun with my sock knitting, while Chris sat in only shorts sunbathing... this is the life.

The approach to the Pyrenees from the French side.

Suddenly Shaun the Sat Nav sends us down a narrow street!

Not only narrow but bandy and two way!!!

Approaching one of the many tunnels.

There are a number of Dams along the route and this one has bears feet painted up the side.

Fabulous views in all directions

Scenic water ways

As we approach the ski slopes the snow gets thicker.


Ellen said...

photo's are very nice a long journey but well worth it I am sure..enjoy holiday and get them socks finished,

Christa said...

Very nice photos! Glad about your happy arrival.

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