Friday, 27 January 2017


La Mata-Torrevieja lagoons to the south of Alicante are the source of tons of salt daily.
The two lagoons are divided by "El Chaparrel" with the Mata lagoon providing the heat and the Torrivieja lagoon the salt production.

The tourist information centre for the Nature Park Reserve
surrounding the lagoons

Until recently only crops were grown in the park,
but now the farmers have been allowed to plant vines for the production of wine

Chris found a friend, must be all the salt makes them grow so tall!

There is a 1.6 mile walk around the park, ideal for bird watching
as the lagoons attract many species 

The history of the Vineyards

On the Torrevieja lagoon site the salt is piled high,
looks like snow covered mountains

The lagoon is very picturesque 

The conveyor belt loaded with salt travels to the sea
passing under the main town to waiting ships

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