Monday, 9 January 2017

The saga of the Heathland blanket

Attic24 blog site have a CAL running that started a couple of days after we arrived in Spain so I bought the wool and was keen to work it as my holiday project.
Fifteen balls of Wool were wound into cakes, I prefer to use cakes for crochet. This looked like a LOT of wool so I asked Lucy the designer of the Heathland blanket what colours I would need for my six week holiday. Her reply was the five balls of green, so I left the rest of the wool at home.

January the 6th arrived, the first day of the Crochet Along and I soon realised I could only work the first five repeats, which only took me a day, before I could go no further. I need the colours I had carefully wound and left at home. HELP!

After asking around about receiving post at our rental villa it looked hopeless.
A trip to the only wool shop I could find within a fifty mile radius turned up a similar wool that was either too thin or too fat, definitely would not do.

Put on Sherlock hat and think again....
I am using Stylecraft Special DK so went to their www site to see if there is a Spanish retailer.. BINGO one name appeared. Looked up where the shop was located, not good news it's one hundred miles away. BUT one of the places we want to visit is about seventy miles in the right direction so what is another thirty miles ?
Emailed the shop only to find it is closed until Jan 16th Elaine the owner is in England.
However she is pretty sure she has the colours I want and will email me as soon as she is home to let me know.. Guess where I am going on January 17 th?
Progress so far, decided to substitute the next two colours as I
need to keep going and do not have the right colours. 


Ellen said...

Making a good start and its looking good

Christa said...

I wondered what the difference is between wool ball and wool cake. Still don't know. Love the colors!

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