Monday, 17 July 2017

Let it Shine

Saturday we attended  the Lighthouse Theatre to see Abigail and Eleanor performing.
It was a wonderful show with 34 different ballet, tap and dance acts. Both girls appeared in three or four acts each. Eleanor managed to perform with her arm in a bright pink cast, having had her full arm cast removed a couple of days previous. In one act her dress matched the pink cast.
Abigail came on stage dressed as an old woman carrying her Great Grandad's walking stick, it was a funny tap routine well executed.  They both did very well.
Richard also received a credit in the programme for his stage crew work and prop building, while Jacqueline acted as a back stage chaperon. I am very proud of my little family.
Eleanor on the left

Abigail 6th from the left

Some of the acts, with children from 2 year to adults.
A wonderful varied programme.


Susan Freeman said...

Love your photo of the red water lily, it immediately makes on smile.

rithkhmer said...

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