Monday, 23 March 2015

A Laning Adventure

Packed lunches made and the sun is out (even though it is not very warm) we took off on a Green lane adventure in the Land Rover.

The start of our journey was Holme next the Sea, and armed with 71 Tulip map references we headed for the countryside. Many of the tracks and lanes took us through amazing scenery and a few suprises.

The peace and quiet along these off road routes are so enjoyable. Dog walkers, horse riders and bird watchers all say hello as we pass them, being very respectful of their enjoyment.

Unlike many of the routes we drive nearer home there was not a single gate to leap out and unfasten. The wildlife consisted of hundreds of pheasants and an awful lot of hares. In fact I have never seen so many hares, including watching a pair "boxing".

Along one single track road we came across Bircham Windmill, sadly it was not open or I would have been tempted to buy bread flour to take home. Further along we passed the ruins of the 12th Century Church of St Mary, which was excavated in 1998 by the Time Team people. Also along the route we saw towers made of four pillars of bricks, what they are for is a mystery to me.

Anyone know the origin of this stone, it was far from any road along a narrow grassy track? I must try and find out why?

It was a really nice day out, but we were both tired when we got back to the cottage. I again manged to cook a meal in the Aga then it was a TV evening.


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