Saturday, 21 March 2015

Heacham Norfolk

Here we are on holiday for a week in Norfolk. The journey here in the old Land Rover was very interesting, as the Solar Eclipse took place as we travelled along. A very spooky light as the sun disappeared behind the moon.

A quick stop at a Service Station made me smile, all the garage workers were standing watching the eclipse through welding masks, a very strange sight.

In Kings Lynn we visited Morrison's store to stock up on food and decided to have lunch there. Their fish and chips are SO yummy.

Also on my list of must do while away, was a visit to The Fent Shop in Kings Lynn to buy more wool for my latest crochet project. It is a strange old fashioned shop crammed full of dress fabric and upstairs racks of wool and curtain fabrics. I choose three shades of Lavender Stylecraft Special wool to make the flowers for my blanket.

Heacham is famous for its lavender fields and we made a quick stop to visit the farm shop.

With time to spare we drove a Byway that joins the North shore to the South shore at Heacham, boy was it bumpy and pot holed, but interesting to see the property along the shore line. Hundreds of mobile homes, all empty at this time of year, were next to rows of beach huts. Further along were houses made of wood standing on concrete pillars to raise them above the beach wall and give views of the sea. A few very nice brick houses all seemed to be empty of life, I bet it is a very different scene in the Summer.

3pm we arrived at Matai Cottage to be greeted by Sarah the owner, more about this later.



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