Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Bumpy ride

Tesco car park was the chosen meeting place yesterday morning with Martin, a member of the Green Lane Association. Chris had corresponded with him through the group and he had offered to take us "off roading" in his part of Norfolk.

Most of the route was through The Brecks and boy was it bumpy. The soil is so sandy that is wears away into a roller coaster of a lane. A few deer scamper away from us deep into the woods. A sign saying we are entering into Suffolk means we are now far from home, but the forest gives way to some pretty countryside, the bumps continue!

A quick stop for our packed lunch and we are off again down very narrow lanes that scratch both sides and the roof of the car, not that you'd see any difference to the already scratched paintwork.

At one point we have to find a diversion as someone has Fly Tipped a load of household rubbish right across the lane, Martin says he will report it to the Forestry commission. Sadly this is not an unusual sight and with the high cost of dumping stuff legally it seems to happen more and more.

We say goodbye to Martin and make the hour long drive back to Heacham. It has been a good day and interesting talking to Martin about his adventures. Chris offered to fetch local fish and chips for dinner, needless to say I do not argue and we eat them watching TV trying not to fall asleep.



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