Friday, 13 March 2015

More wool

More wool arrived, at this rate the neighbours will think I am having an affair with the courier! He has called everyday this week!

I was up at 5am this morning and decided not to go back to bed. The sky was the most brilliant red, hope this is not a bad sign on Friday 13th! I managed to make two granny squares for my new project.
Another exciting parcel
Yummy wool

Decision time on our front garden, which having been cleared of plants and treated with weed killer, is now ready for the next stop. It is rather a problem as it slopes away from the adjoining path and is lousy soil. The ideal thing would be to build a little wall to level it off, but the cost is prohibitive. Having stood around looking at it in the freezing cold we have come up with a plan that I think will work. Another job for Chris!

While talking about jobs we have also decided to repaint the bedroom walls to match the crochet cover I am making. At this rate Chris will wish he was back at work.


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