Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Redecorating the kitchen

Delayed by a week due to Chris not being well, the kitchen redecorating has started.

First everything had to be moved into the dining room!
Considering the kitchen and cooking are not my favourite hobbies, where on earth did everything come from and why do I have it! Plus we did not empty any of the cupboards so all this "stuff" came off worktops and shelves.
It is now a nightmare trying to find anything, even making a cuppa is a problem.

this was once my tidy dining area
With the kitchen empty Chris tackled the cleaning and resealing the window and generally getting ready for the paint work. The kitchen certainly looks bigger without anything on the worktops.
the yellow has to go!

We both worked hard all day, as I have been tackling my Happy Room having a de-clutter session and moving things around. The Charity shop is in for a car full next week. I will also be listing a number of items on Ebay later today. Mostly games and lace items.

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