Sunday, 22 March 2015

Matai Cottage

From the cottage window we can see the sea in the distance, there is a golf course between the house and the sea.

Saturday was not such a nice day, so we decided to just take it easy and not go far, in fact a quick trip to the local Tesco was our only outing. As usual I was up early, about 5.30 and worked on my crochet for a couple of hours until CJ came down for breakfast.

Today was the day I decided to try my hand at cooking on the Aga, something I had never used before. I actually managed to cook bacon and eggs OK. It seems strange to have the heat constantly there at the lift of a lid!

CJ spent most of the day working on his lap top, or should that be playing? I think he was sorting out the Green Lanes that are now open and those with new closures.


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