Friday, 6 March 2015

Shirley gets out the crochet hooks!

What a fun IAM day. Clare was not well so Pauline made up the numbers of the IAM group.
Shirley had promised a crochet lesson for those who wanted to learn and quickly the hooks were out and the first chains were made.  It has never been so quiet as everyone was concentrating hard.
Then the laughter started as the chains grew longer and longer! The idea was to make a granny square and I think most of the beginners actually managed to make one, or at least part of one.
Ann and I already knew how to crochet so we decided to have a go at the flower pattern Shirley gave us. You could cut the tension with a knife.... who said crochet was relaxing?

A stop for lunch was followed by show and tell, always a delight.. Among the items were my machine embroidered train, three Linus quilts, a quilt ready for hand quilting, a 70th birthday card, a hand made star, a knitted waistcoat, machine embroidered cushions, a crochet lap blanket etc etc.. I have probably forgotten something so apologies..

Brilliant day full of fun and laughter and learning something new, not to mention the great dessert.
Pauline's quilt in progress

Shirley's latest lap blanket

Getting "hooked"

We all love this.

My attempt at a flower in a granny square

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