Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Bedford Workshop

Another day was arranged by Sue for a workshop in Bedford at a  church room. These days are always most enjoyable. Six of us had signed up to make a Carpet Bag with Penny being our teacher, while the rest of the group did their own thing.
I chose a fairly thick fabric but wish I had gone for upholstery fabric as I think it would have looked better, still there is always next time.  The closure is a large metal sprung frame, what fun we had trying to put the little bolts in to secure it, strangely no-one had a pair of pliers in their sewing kit!

It was a lovely day meeting up with the regulars that always attend.
Christine going "Scotish" with her tartan bag

Heads down in concentration

View from Penny's [ teacher] table, showing her finished bag.

My finished bag, photographed when I got home outside enjoying the sunny weather.

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Ellen said...

love your bag and enjoy your blog

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