Friday, 26 August 2016

Three and a half days with the girls

Monday the girls arrived to spend three and a half days with us. We had lots of plans and started by going out for lunch at the local Toby Inn, always a favorite as they have a nice carvery.

Since last year all odds and end of coins have gone into a large Teddy, this is becoming something of a tradition, and today was the day we emptied it and took the coins to the bank. It is so heavy we had to get Chris to carry  it downstairs and then it was put into smaller bags.

After lunch it was fun time at the bank, first getting the machine stuck and then filling it so full we had to get it emptied. They had half of the proceeds £40+ each.
Emptying Teddy and bagging up the coins.
Tuesday we loaded the car with sewing machines and craft work and spent the day in Bedford on a Sue's workshop / sit-n-sew day. Eleanor decided she would like to make a bag and enjoyed her time on my little Singer Sewing machine, in fact enjoyed it so much she made two bags.
Great concentration for an 8 year old

Look what I made!

Abigail worked on her crochet project, managing to work a row of star stitch, not an easy task, and a number of other rows.
Working on a crochet sampler much to the amazement of the ladies on the workshop
Excellent workmanship
Wednesday An absolute 'Must Do' trip to Woburn Safari Park. We seem to have a regular routine every summer of going and the girls both like to sit in the front of my car so we take cushions for them to squash into the one seat while we drive around the safari park! It was a really hot day and many of the animals were sleeping or hiding in the shade, but we still managed to see them all. After a picnic lunch the girls spent half an hour in the play barn while I had a much needed sit down.
Feeding the birds

Once scared, now wants them all over her!

In the small animal enclosure

Whizzing down the slide together

Eleanor, always the dare devil, sliding down the largest slide.

Tigers playing in the sun
Thursday we started the day with a game and then off to Emmaus Village to see what bargains we could find. Both girls bought yet another cuddly teddy for £1 each and a ring also £1, plus Eleanor found a case for her phone for 50p. I bought a new oven glove and bag both £1 each. So not a very expensive day but great fun. We then traveled to Carlton Country Park for yet another picnic and fun on the workout machines, plus a walk around the lake eating ice creams.
Early morning games

Keep Fit at Carlton Country Park

One of the many wood carvings

Picnic lunch

The calm of the lake

As always it is such a delight having the girls come to stay and today is really quiet without them.

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Christa said...

Your grand-girls are so talented. Got that from her grandma. Its wonderful that you teach them!

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