Wednesday, 3 August 2016

New arrivals

Our garden is undergoing a 'make over'. Some of the wooden items, like an archway and what was once a trellis for growing plants up have rotted at the base and been removed. The border at the back of the enclosed garden is very overgrown and I have difficulty managing it, it will be emptied and the back fence that is a bit wobbly will be fixed and if all goes to plan a new raised bed will be installed.

The pond is very overgrown, I think the hot weather has made the Elodea Crispa [oxygenating plant] and lilies go mad. Trying not to disturb the frogs, newts, fish, and other wildlife  I cleared out buckets full, which is great for the compost heap and the fish have room to move about.

We lost a few fish to the heron some time ago so a trip to the garden centre to acquire a few new fish was called for. I am quite happy with common goldfish [ husband calls them Heron food!] so ten additions to the pond costing £11.50 came home with us.
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