Thursday, 11 August 2016

Green Laning in the Cotswolds Part Two

Having arranged an early breakfast we dined in seats rescued from a Church, they still have the shelf at the back for your hymn book!
Waiting for our 'Full English' breakfast
We love signs like this it always means we are in for some fun.

Approaching the first Ford, as there was a walk way I got out to take photos.

Not too deep!

Well it has cleaned the wheels!

Approaching another Ford, I'm staying in the car it's too muddy to get out.

Half way across the stream I ask Chris to stop so I can take a photo of this pretty bridge,
 hope we can get going again the water is lapping around the wheels.
 It was a wonderful day and the Cotswolds were at their best, sun shining, fields with ripe wheat and barley being harvested. The hedgerows in full leaf and lots of birds and butterflies about.

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