Monday, 8 August 2016

Spanish and the Diet

Where does the time go? and how often do we say this?
Last Thursday was our monthly IAM meeting, where six of us enjoyed the day chatting and crafting. In fact we enjoyed the day so much I forgot to take any photos!
Ann was not in a crafty mood but when I mentioned I needed an eight inch knitted square for a charity blanket at church she offered to knit it for me. I must say I have never seen a knitted square started with just two stitches and then one stitch added at the start of each row until the sides measure 8" and then decreased one stitch each row until back to the end.. brilliant such a nice square, thanks Ann.
Pauline had used a photo of her son and his future wife to make a cushion as an small added wedding gift. Such a great idea.
Jenny, Dorn  and Clare were all working on different projects. I sewed up the holes of the table mats I had just finished making.
Six table mats with machine embroidery butterflies to match my crockery

Friday we met up with Pauline and Brian at the local Harvester to enjoy a steak or ribs plus a drink for £10 each meal. Luckily I had two vouchers and the men had steak and Pauline and I had the ribs... yummy and great company.
As soon as we got back home Chris took off in the Land Rover for York where he was attending a weekend course on all things Land Rover. Sounds like he had fun winching !

Saturday I "moved " into my Happy Room to spend the day sewing, but first I had the second Spanish lesson won at the Church auction last week, Me gusta mi Professor Peter.
I also helped a friend learn how to use a rotary cutter, ruler and do some sewing, all without any blood being spilt! In the evening I dusted off the knitting needles and also knitted an eight inch square, my first knitting in 50 years!

What has all this to do with the title of this post? Well I decided with four weeks left before our five weeks in France and Spain to a] try and learn some Spanish and b] loose six lbs in weight.
Not sure how the Spanish will go at 71 years old my brain is already full but I'm trying to squeeze a few words in. On the diet front I have managed to loose 3lbs in the first ten days so there is hope there.
Adios until the next post.

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