Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Clearing the clutter

Three large bags and a box of "clutter" went to Emmaus this morning. Clothes, curtains, scarves, books, and all sorts of odds and ends have been accumalating in the the spare room so today was the day they had to go. Funny how a car load of things seems to make no difference to the space left in the house, guess we need to keep de-cluttering.

Emmaus at Carlton near Turvey, Bedfordshire is a great place for recycling unwanted items. Homeless people are housed and given jobs within the community. In December 2015 Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cornwall opened the newly refurbished Iola Newman building. This building has a number of 'shops' selling recycled clothes, bedding, furniture, cycles, childrens toys, in fact you name it and they sell it. The companions and volunteers do the work of serving in the shops and are trained in testing the electrical equipment and recycling in general. There is also a Bistro where you can buy a drink and wonderful cake made on the premises or even enjoy a fully cooked dinner.

The newly refurbished building
It is hard not to come away with more than we took for recycling, but on this occasion all I spent was 50p on a dress making pattern.

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