Saturday, 30 July 2016

Mini Mania Challenge July

Boy am I late starting the Mini Mania Challenge for July! Here we are with one day to go.
The challenge this month is Seminole, and I started the month not getting my head around the challenge. Having found my Simply Seminole book by Dorothy Hanisko I decided on just two of the patterns, Flip-Flop and Telegraph Poles.
Love this book

Why the choice of these two patterns?

 My husband used to work for the GPO which became BT and while doing his apprenticeship had to climb a telegraph pole and used to fascinate me [ well I was newly in love] with telegraph pole information. How deep they are in the ground, the safety aspects etc etc...
Two rows of telegraph poles
Layout for Flip Flop

My second choice Flip-Flop was due to the fact when I was in Jersey on holiday [many years ago] I went out to buy a pair of flip-flops to wear on the beach, but on the way to the shop I picked up two hitch hikers [ we live in different days now] and to cut a long story short I ended up marrying one of them. Chris and I have now been married 44 years.
Made with one day to spare!

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Christa said...

I love textile projects with stories. Well done!

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