Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Enjoying the country side

Monday saw us setting off for a small village near Rugby to start our Off Road adventure. Little did we know it would be quite the adventure it turned into.
The start of the route was through a stream, it was almost impossible to see where you came out the other side as the water seemed to be coming and going in three directions!

Where is the OUT?
Must be up the hidden ramp.
We passed along lovely country lanes and although they were a little bumpy [ well actually quite bumpy!] we expect that. However they suddenly turned really wet and smelly stagnant and it is hard to know how deep they are. Next we came across fallen trees and Chris had to remove quite large pieces of wood. It looked like there had been a lot of illegal off roading, there is always someone who spoils it for everyone else. Sadly the Land Rover got damaged trying to get through the undergrowth.
Moving tree branches
I am told it is possible to take a Land Rover to bits easily so I am sure Chris will be able to fix it!
On the good side it was a lovely sunny day and we crossed a bridge that Chris had read about, it was extremely high and looked like it had been made from a Meccano set.
Don't look over the sides !

Surely built by Meccano?

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Christa said...

Love the bridge. That off-roaring would be too much of an adventure for me but I do love nature.

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