Thursday, 21 July 2016

Wild Life

Wild life in the garden is always a treat for me. This year there have been more newts in the pond and less frogs but I enjoy them all. I think the cold weather killed of a lot of the frog spawn earlier in the year, but they will be back again next year I'm sure. The toads did better and there were lots of toad tadpoles which have now turned into little toads and leap across the garden looking for a cool shady spot.
Newt in my pond enjoying the sunshine
I went out to the pond to take a photo of a lovely red water lily only to find it had closed for the night! Most of my water lilies are white but each year I get just one red one. I did however see a newt basking in the sun and with zoom to the max on my camera managed to get a shot. I love my new Canon camera.

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