Sunday, 24 July 2016

Michelle Randles School of Dance

Time for the granddaughters school of dance to perform at the Lighthouse Theatre Kettering. The Saturday matinee performance started at 12.30 and we eagerly took our seats on the front row.
It was a wonderful show lasting four hours with great performers. The Pre-Preliminary group of tiny tots were just too cute, especially the one who wanted to know where her Mum and Dad were sitting!
There were three acts with 14 dances in each act ranging in age from about 4 years old to mature ladies doing a tap dance.
Abigail and Eleanor performed in a number of routines and of course were THE BEST, not that I am bias! As soon as Eleanor spotted us it was a quick smile and then serious concentration. Abigail performed quite a few solo leaps and they both looked terrific.
The programme
It has become quite interesting to see how many times the family are in the programme:
Grade One: Eleanor
Grade Two: Abigail
Ballet Class One: Eleanor
Ballet Class Two: Abigail
Back Stage Crew: Richard
Props Team: Richard
General Help: Jacqueline

They had another performance Saturday evening and again today Sunday. My guess is there are a lot of very tired people by Sunday evening!

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