Saturday, 9 July 2016

Eleanor, IAM and catch up

Hi Everyone, its been a couple of days since I got a moment to sit and write on my blog. The tennis at Wimbledon and the Tour de France Cycle race are partly to blame, I love both. It is hard for me to sew and watch TV but I have been working on a new crochet project, more about that later.

Tuesday my youngest granddaughter called me and asked if I could attend her school assembly the next day. Of course the answer was yes, even though I was booked on a workshop that day and had no idea what I was letting myself in for!
It turned out is was a poetry reading for the whole of year 3 followed by scones. Eleanor had called a few days prior doing a school survey on our favourite scones. The Headmistress assured us the children had washed their hands before making them!
sharing a scone with Eleanor

I dashed from the school to Coleman's for a days workshop with Trish making a disappearing nine patch with a difference wall hanging. I have decided to make it into a lap size quilt no no photo yet! It was a great day as usual and nice chatting to a couple of ladies I had met the previous week.

Thursday was IAM craft day and the whole gang were here. The day went very quickly which is always a sign of a great day. It was lovely seeing Penny here after her recent operation.
love this crochet by Shirley

Ann had been knitting hats and squares for prem babies

Dorn showed us a ornament she had bought in Namibia on a recent holiday

Shirley gave me this Spanish lacemaker model she bought for £1 at an auction

Jenny is getting ready for Christmas with this lovely hexagon wreath

Clare had made a bag we all loved

Reverse of Clare's bag

While Penny recovers and is unable to use her sewing machine she has been finishing lots of little projects

The postman arrived while the IAMers were here and I had received a lovely little gift from a friend in the USA, Thank you so much Christa we all really enjoyed you thoughtfulness.

Love the star design in the middle of this heart

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Christa said...

Oh I love LOVE that Spanish lacemaker figure.
You are so lucky that you can go to so many great classes where you are.

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