Saturday, 2 July 2016

July Plan

At the beginning of June I planned to complete eleven projects and I'm pleased to say I have managed ten of them. The only one outstanding is my hexagon hand sewing, but that has been on-going for quite some time so it will  go forward into my July plan.
By the skin of their teeth the first two Hamtune Star mystery quilt blocks were made

I am using a variety of Dimples coloured fabric with a white on white background.

Now for the July plan:
1. Work on hexagon quilt
2. Complete a dog panel quilt started yesterday Finished
3. Complete two chicken pot holders Finished
4. July Mini Mania is Seminole so I better sort that out and get it made.
5. Make the July Hamtune mystery star block
6. Make a ruler bag Finished
7. Start my Row by Row project One row completed
Workshops in the diary this month:
8. Window quilt
9. Leatherette handbag

I think that sounds more than enough to keep me busy this month.

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