Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Working with faux leather

Three of us got together to make a faux leather handbag yesterday. I had never worked with this fabric so got out my trusty Pfaff 7570 put in a new needle and the practice went well so I awaited Christine who was helping us make the bags.
The pattern is a free download from luckily there are pages and pages of instructions.
It was definitely a learning curve putting it together, but both Pauline and I managed to complete the bag, and I think making another would be easier having learnt how it all goes together. I think I may make one in cotton fabric as I love the size.
Christine who had already made two versions of the bag helping Pauline

my bag with an added long handle

Inside there are three sections [ one in the middle is not open for the photo]
The site has lots of things to explore, many for free.


Christa said...

It looks incredible professional!

Happy Room Diana said...

Christa, please do not look too closely!

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