Saturday, 16 July 2016

Ikea visit

We had a free day on Wednesday so Chris treated me to lunch out at Ikea, they are having a special on Wednesdays this month, their meatball lunch for £1. We have an Ikea card so the drinks were free.
We did splurge out on a dessert but the whole bill was less than £8 ! plus it was really nice.

The store also has an offer when you swipe your card going into the store and you get a £5 voucher, so armed with our £5 voucher we bought a couple of small things and the checkout was only 50p using the voucher... this was followed by swiping the till recipe to win a prize, anything from a hotdog to a trip to Sweden. Yes you guessed we won a hotdog.

An added bonus was fuel was 6p a litre cheaper at the petrol station next door so we filled up.

What a great day on the cheap.

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