Monday, 11 July 2016

Proud Grandma

I guess everyone is proud of their grandchildren but mine made me especially proud this week.

Eleanor age 8 had her school report and received excellent in every subject plus a 344 out of 344 for attendance. Her teachers were all extremely complimentary about her work.

Abigail brought a big smile to my face. Age 12 she started Textile and Design at school and at her last lesson she was the only one in the class that had done any sewing before. In fact the teacher made her her assistant. I asked to see the needlecase she designed to which she said " I could not finish it as I had to help all the other children". It is still at school waiting to be finished.
Photo by Abigail to show me she had her name on the Textile School board as Year 7 designer.

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Christa said...

No wonder you are proud. They are doing great. You also should pat yourself on your own shoulder. All the things the girls learn from you!

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