Thursday, 28 July 2016

Three Days with the granddaughters

It is the start of the school holidays so the granddaughters came to stay for three days. We were so busy I did not get around to blogging, so this is a catch up blog about our adventures.
Grandad starting the BBQ

Yummy hot dogs and beef burgers in the summer house.
It's cold but fun, lets fill up the water guns

Fun in the pool, even Grandma had a paddle
Lets shoot Grandad with water guns

Tuesday the three of us [ Grandad had a peaceful evening at home] attended an auction at my church.
The £1200 money raised will be used for the the youth camp next month.
It was great fun and the girls loved it even putting in bids for items.
The extremely large box of fruit, complete with jams and nuts was won for £10, it was so heavy I had to ask  for it to be carried to the car.
We also won the cake [ now 1/2 eaten!] and seven cup cakes, plus beans and courgettes.
I won two pledges, one is for a lemon meringue pie and apple pie, the other for three Spanish lessons.
I am hopeless at languages but it would be nice to have some knowledge of Spanish as we spend a minimum of two months in Spain each year. First lesson next Wednesday!

Time for a game. We love this Ticket to Ride game.

Abigail starting a pair of shorts

Eleanor working on her shorts

Eleanor with the shorts and cushion she made.
Abigail with the shorts and Seahorse machine embroidery she made.
I made the seahorse for Eleanor and the girls loved colouring them in with water pencils.
The Toby Inn for dinner, the girls love going here, but sadly it is closing next month and we will have to find somewhere else.
It has been a lovely three days but I probably need a couple of days to recover. They are all off to France for two weeks and will be back with us for a week at the end of the school holidays.

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Christa said...

What fun but I know what you mean ...
William just spent 3 nights with us.
That auction sounds great too.

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